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Friday, 6 November 2015

November - New Beginnings

Dear wondrous humans and their pets,

It's time for an update.

November, the autumn in the UK is in full swing and my mind is lucky enough to move onto new challenges.

After a year at the hub of all things VW, it was time to say goodbye to VW Heritage and their crew. I was instrumental in the growth of their Returns and refunds department and met many, many good people along the way! The suppliers were wicked, and I was thoroughly impressed by the manner in which EMPI, a parts powerhouse in the USA, wished me farewell.

For the challenge, it's working in a construction company. Now this does seem like a huge step from VW's and my knowledge is thin, but I have been privileged enough to gain a role their doing what I love.


I never thought that would even happen in my wildest dreams, but I am glad to see it truthfully happen, so I am really pleased in this respect.

As for everything else, the VW's have been going strong, the Bus has been wicked and I am due to send it bed at some juncture. The Golf needs a good clean and eventually that will happen.

The blog needs a bloody clean too, a jump to Tumblr/Wordpress is in the works, whilst using this as a channel too to you all!

Thanks, and see you soon for more information on my favourite boys right now, Ultra VW Magazine.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Caught The VW Bus.

Photoshop skills are 'on fleek'
Welcome to what a series of posts will be referred to as 'Caught The VW Bus'.

The time was roughly July 2015, and I was lucky enough to sell off my project Beetle, Lennon who I loved so dearly but hated me in equal parts. With the money and savings, I was proud enough to put my money into other variants of the VW stable, the Type 2 Bay.

Now, this bad-boy was originally named ALBert. I was initially warming to the name ALBert and was going to name it Einstein. This was because it would be an evolution of the bus's name and ownership.

However, the lady was a retched cow and tried to pull a move I wouldn't ever forget in all my vehicle purchasing career - she tried it on and wanted an extra £2000 from me before sale.

That was fine, I threatened for the courts and I fought my corner. Never was I wanting to travel 5 hours north (twice) to pay an extra £2000. She could do one, and she did as I drove off in my new Bus.

So I called it Van Doran, after Vans Shoes. Why? It's a fucking van. There's literally nothing else to it.

Up north sucks eh?

A bit about the bus. It's a '69 Devon Eurovette. Meaning it has a 'Pop Top' roof.

I have been informed that it's perfect height for banging people in as you can slew your missus over the rear, where the bed lies and you can stand up in the pop top roof. Perfect eh?

This is precisely why I bought one.

The engine, 1600cc and new to the tune of a 1000 miles. It's basically one of The Proclaimers.

Would it do 500 more, just to be that one who drives a 1000 miles to breakdown at your door. BADADADA. BADADADA.
Better? Better/
Yes, yes it would.

Welcome Van Doran, you're pretty cool already.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Imagine All The People, Driving You Away

Hello all,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the consistent inactivity to the blog. This has been a case of dealing with new projects, work, and also my writing for magazines. But I want to continue as my passion does lie within writing and undoubtedly, this blog started it all and gave me the amazing breaks in my freelance career that I achieved, and that's all to you. 

Therefore, with a change in my personal life and my friends heading back to university, I will spend my time more freely with my hub, and relishing a challenge to build my audience once more. 

I will communicate with you all in various stages of significance, it won't be in chronological order for now as I build up all the cool experiences I have had, but we will be up to date in time. 

Well then, what are you waiting for? Let's get to it.

The last photo and memory of Lennon, with my new (not so new now) recruit, Tiger Woods.
Do you remember Lennon, the '67? Well, May rolled around and I decided after a whole year, my longest tenure to date with a car, I decided to sell Lennon onto a new prospective owner. I absolutely loved that car, and I was so very proud to be a part of it since the conception and the purchase in 2014. It was amazing to finally have the chance to write about my car in Ultra VW Magazine, which I have contributed for a whole year now around the time of writing. No doubt this gave me the boost to sell the damn thing. 

Lime green seats, never been done in a VW.
Those door handles. Never been done. 
Of course, when it came to selling, it was a tough decision, but now I couldn't be happier as my family and I created a whole legacy with varying degrees of respect and nothing but good feedback in the VW community with just one '67 Beetle. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some internet star and I thoroughly enjoy kicking back at shows where nobody knows me but my cars and my name on a few articles. That's good fun still, but I have a few more years under my belt until things get mega.

That pesky Tango Man, always there for me.  
That was cool. Lime green as a colour has started to seep into the VW scene with people starting to incorporate my trademark hue in their cars, subtly of course. People don't want to be affected or have a bad word against them in this scene. 

Don't think that the sale went without a hitch though, it was a bloody nightmare. How does that sound? Apt that this wonderful, awesome car was an absolute pain in the arse from purchase to sale. 

The lake, and one amazing photo for someone lacking in photography skills.

May 2015, a significant point in this car's life. Ultra VW Magazine
Overall, I was a little bit choked to see the car go but it really did spark something new and close a very important and significant chapter, not only in my life but also within the community, our family created a monster and a very tasteful monster that should have had more plaudits in the shows than we really gave it. 

But the next post will explain so much more.


Tschüs, schoen.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

What have I been up to?


I have been stuck on the side of the road.

I have been to Wolfsburg.

I have been writing in Ultra VW.

I have been spending many days drunk.

I have been buying more cars.

I have been selling some too.

I have been seductively love making. (HAHA. No.)

I have been embroiled in turmoil and change.

I have been having a wonderful time at shows.

I have been collectively forgetting to inform you.

I have been apologising,

I have been writing poetry.

I have been in my room.

I have been away.

I have been sorry.

I have been returning.

I have been leaving.

I will be back.

See you soon.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Meet & Greet: Tiger Woods, the Mk2 Golf GTI

Tiger Woods

The year was 1991, an aspiring golfer named Tiger Woods was breaking into the Golfing world with national amateur championships titles to his name and stunning the sport from inside and out. Yet, he was to make his name in Golf and become one of the best recognised athletes in the world.

Also in 1991, the setting was Wolfsburg, Germany for the birth of H265 JDU. Manufactured by hand, jigs and primitive robotics this Golf 1.8 8 valve GTI model would roll off of the Wolfsburg production line and be shipped over to the UK for sale in its RHD format, much like its 6.3 million ancestors of the Golf family from 1983 to 1992 did the same around the world. 

Fast forward to 2015 and both entities made their own respective histories and probably covered the same amount of mileage too over the 24 years and now as the new owner of the Golf GTI, I have decided to call this car Tiger Woods. 

With all flamboyant explanations behind us, I chose the name because it is a Black Golf and Tiger Woods is a black golfer. There's literally nothing else to it, but they are both as iconic as each other so if the shoes fits...?

Anyway, I can tell you that I have had this badboy for about three months now and my quietness has basically given me a chance to briefly brief you all on my purchase a while back. 

I will try and talk to you all in as best chronology as possible but I understand that I have lost about 4 months worth of motivation and history which I will try and recoup. 

I love this car more than life itself. I will talk more in detail about the finer things in Golf GTI life as time goes on!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A New Era: Chapter 1 - The Stickerbomber

Oh Rolo, oh Rolo,
Where art thou Rolo,
The Stickerbombed Polo.


I, Christian Tracey was in hiding again because I knew I had created something of a monster over the winter. That monster was one of a simple VW Polo with a rattling Automatic gearbox and various other irritating niggles that would drive me to he point of insanity on any given weekday.

But that monster was my monster, and above all it was a VW monster and that makes it slightly credible.

A question that's often never asked in this modern society is that what do people do with their cheap, shitty cars. They run them into the ground or fall in love with their sub standard handling, power and leaking engine and brand the endless amount of rust a fashion statement or 'tired'.

Entering the market for a cheap, shitty car was tough. Coming from a finished Beetle restoration I wasn't really keen on the idea of a cheap, shitty car but it made sense to get through the cheap, shitty winter with a warm workhorse.

The question asked at home was what statement can we make with this cheap, shitty car such as Rolo the Polo.

Then 'The Stickerbomber' was born. Essentials such as Borbet alloys were purchased to guarantee at least 90mph and for 80hp at the wheels... To be fair, the Borbet alloys were remarkable and after a little light restoration, the project was ready to be 'bombed.

Over the course of 5 months we covered the sides, bonnet and boot in what was estimated as 1000+ stickers. A mean feat for a man, with a little help of course, who struggled in his youth to complete just about anything and see it through.

However, March finally rolled around and after chewing up thousands miles, thousands of vibrations through the gearbox and steering wheel respectively, a thousand stickers and a new exhaust, it was time to hand over the reigns of The Stickerbomber to someone else who no doubt will be taking the credit in good faith!

But it doesn't matter, for £150 you can't even buy a mobile phone or even a designer coat in the UK.

To have a cheap, shitty car and transform it into a cheap, shitty car that delivered a million smiles from both myself and innocent bystanders of today's society with its ballsy and quirky styling, incorporating what I love and what facade I want to display to the world, the outcome was just divine.

For every motorist, every female who stood in disgust, every female who saw the bright side of it all (contact me...) and every young'un who when you come to drive your first car, a 6n Polo will be a classic car and I am genuinely sorry I ruined one, am thoroughly glad you all enjoyed the story of 'The Stickerbomber'.

Because to me, that was my idea of displaying this all out madness and that should always be something that us humans for the time we are on Earth need to find and tap into. It's a must and like a cult of personality would, I want you all to take a leaf out of my book and go mad.

I definitely will be showing you some throwbacks in the coming months of varying levels of progress when I soft through the archives :

To make £20 profit for a £170 cash sale. I was pretty happy and excited to reveal what came next.

But that's for another time...